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Starship Troopers

12 Aug 2009


I really liked The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, so I was really looking forward to this. Same author, and the movie was one of the best bad movies ever.

Oh well. Pretty standard scifi, throw in some glorification of violence of the sort that armchair generals talk about while watching the history channel’s All Tanks All The Time channel on satellite, and pause occasionally for long discourses on political philosophy explained by various authority figures in the book. A complete fail at the concept of ‘show it, don’t say it’.

Adding to the woes, the ‘cool tech’ part of this particular sci fi book feels a bit dated. And the political philosophy is pretty out there, even for me–by letting only military veterans vote, we ensure that only responsible citizens vote. Say what? It’s not really worth discussion.

On the whole, it just wasn’t very good.