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Sperm Wars

26 Jan 2011

Fantastic. I thought this would be a little boring, as this one is a few years old, I’ve read a fair bit of game theory at this point, and the pop science books tend to repeat each other. Not so. There’s a lot more biology here than I expected, most of it quite interesting, and there’s a lot more sex than most popular science books. It was kind of win in every direction.

And it was maybe the best introduction to mating game theory I’ve seen. I could easily recommend the book to anyone. It makes it obvious how male and female reproductive interests are often quite at odds, and does an even better job explaining how conscious and subconscious goals can be miles apart. Very approachable and very good.

Unlike most pop science, Baker meticulously removes any trace of judgement from the work, which is quite important here. He breaks the pattern only when taking the time to point out, specially, that when he uses the word ‘successful’ in regards to rape, he means reproductively successful, not something to condone. The result is excellent, with well-supported arguments, the kind of book that has to be refuted not by attacking the information in it, but by adding more information that outweighs it.

Highly recommended.