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Session Proposal for Drupalcon Paris

29 Jun 2009

I’ve submitted my session Proposal for Drupalcon Paris 2009. After some consternation about the title, I went with ‘Replacing your Internal Apps with Drupal’. I think that’s where this hits home–we’re replacing an entire backoffice of work-process and communications tools with Drupal, and we think it’s great.

This is what we’ve been doing at Openband for the last few years. I’ve written a number of small, internal apps for a lot of small companies over the last few years and I would do them all in Drupal if I could do it all over again. It’s too easy to get data in and out without buying some $20,000 piece of software to link sharepoint and your work-process system.

I gave Openband’s presentation at Drupalcon DC 2009, and we got a lot of feedback that what we did was a lot more impressive than the title and session description gave away.

This talk will be a bit of a continuation of this topic. This platform is our baby, and we have a lot to say now that we’ve started using it internally. We’re hoping to aim this at a slightly broader audience, and hopefully the session description is a bit more attractive this time. And even if you were at the session last time, we’ve come a long way in the last 6 months.

Anyways, go vote for the session!