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RDFa video from Drupalcon

16 Mar 2009

scor did the hard work on putting together a presentation on RDFa for the keynote at DCDC. Just like last year, I did the legwork on the screencast while smarter, more productive people did the hard parts. It would seem that I am the voice of RDF in Drupal.

But alas, due to timeframe it was not to be. Fortunately, Boris played a version during his RDFa presentation at Drupalcon DC 2009, and scor ran two BoFs which I couldn’t really participate in, having to give Openband’s presentation on Thursday and being cut down by food poisoning on Friday.

Now scor did a writeup on the semweb group, and Dries noted it on his blog. I won’t belabor the point when others have already worded it better by reiterating it all here, but the more exposure RDFa gets, the better! More credits for the work are in both of those links. You can view the video in the above links flashy style, and I’ve also put up the higher-res original here.