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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

25 Jun 2009

Really disappointing.

I guess this one was disappointing because I had this thought in my head of what the book would be. I imagined a Shaun of the Dead scenario, in which the same book as Pride and Prejudice plays out, but the world is being destroyed by zombies and the characters do their best to ignore it. I imagined them in their Victorian estates, discussing the next ball with Mr. Bingley, and doing their best not to discuss the unmentionable horde being kept at bay by street urchins outside.

I wanted the book to be this because I disliked the original so much–it’s the worst book I ever finished. I don’t have a problem with a family trying to get their daughters married off, I guess, so much as the condescending tone which they use towards their relatives who must actually attend to their funds, the horror. The Bennets are completely isolated from the world, and think it grand. I think it vapid.

Anyways, instead of taking this to-me far too obvious route, the book decides that the Bennet girls are ninjas, and adds in occasional passages in which people destroy zombies. It’s too much Pride and Prejudice for Zombie fans, and for Pride and Prejudice fans…why?

I guess I should not have had such expectations, but the way I wanted it to be just seemed so obvious. The book literally would only have to have content added to it, not a word changed, to make the story happen during a zombie apocalypse. Oh well.