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Good Calories, Bad Calories

25 Sep 2011

This changed my life, in all seriousness.

I had no idea how long this was because I had an ebook. Thank god for that. I’m utterly changed by this. It reads like the exposition of a conspiracy theory. It’s ridiculous how much simply incorrect information I was basing my nutrition on.

It’s all here, a summary of nutrition from the mid-19th century to now. The answer is always ‘carbohydrates are bad’, but exactly how bad, and why, has not been understood until fairly recently. But it’s not just obesity. It’s diabetes. It’s heart disease. It’s cancer. It’s everything. And I got told my whole life that it’s calories in, calories out, and that saturated fat is bad for me, and a bunch of other garbage. Not that the people who told me that knew differently, or something–it’s hard to know what to think when the government prints flatly incorrect information–but I’m a changed man.

Now, I am completely empowered by information to feel guilty for every beer ever. Nuts.