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13 Jan 2010

Quite good!

Neil Strauss has the dream lifestyle. He writes books about learning stuff, then uses the income to pay for a bunch of courses to learn about. Just live a life interesting enough that it’s worth writing a book about, then write a book. I love it.

Anyway, this one is about his transformation from the girl-chasing smooth talker in The Game to a gun-toting survivalist. He becomes an EMT, learns to shoot, gets a second passport, kills a goat, and buries food in the mountains. It’s quite an interesting read, since I’m sort of living the same transformation, but without the time to go learn all of this awesome stuff. I want to learn to clear a house with a .45!

It makes for a fun read, and the chapters are short. I didn’t learn much about paranoia or philosophy, save for the term Fliesian, which I kind of like. It’s basically the assumption that governments can’t protect people, and that when governments fail people will be ruthless. It’s a way of coming to lots of the same ideas the ‘liberty’ crowd does, but from a utilitarian perspective. I had started to worry they were incompatible groups.

Anyways, recommended.