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Book reviews

26 Aug 2008

I’ve started to write short little reviews of the books I read. There’s a couple of reasons for this. One is simply to keep better track of what I’ve read in the longer term, of course, but the main one is that I think one simply reads more carefully when one intends to write something on it, even if almost nobody intends to read it. Turning over the ideas in your head, and thinking of how you’d express them, forces you to read deeper.

Because I really do want to keep this habit up, I’m keeping the barrier of entry quite low for myself. That means no links, no revision or proofreading, and little to no proper internet research before I stand up and cover spectators with spittle with whether or not I’ve liked a book. No muss, no fuss. Just my thoughts after reading. If it’s work to write it up, I won’t do it for every book.

At any rate, feel free to read them. You can find them at on the site. There’s a feed at http://bhuga.net/books-feed that one could add to a feed reader, were one were so inclined.